Monthly Archives: October 2016

3D printer

Since Sam’s  initial post on 3D printing on the Southampton Chemistry Sustainability blogsite in July 2016, he has been busy designing new pieces of equipment and has put together a short article on what he has been up to:


Shortly after the JAK Supramolecular group invested in a 3D printer, they have used it to create a many handy tools in the lab.


Microscope Slide holder: designed by Blue Carter and Sam Willstead

This was designed to hold sample vials and microscope slides for analysis. It makes viewing and assessing crystals for SCXRD much easier on our low cost microscope.  The height of the holder also makes manipulating crystals in oil easier when on a microscope slide.



Phone Holder for Microscope: designed by shanos

The blueprints were downloaded for free from a site called thingiverse, where users share 3D printable designs.

The holder allows photos to be taken easily from a microscope using a phone. Although microscopes which can take photos do exist, these are very costly and typically harder to use. Another interesting feature of this design is that the images on the phone could potentially be connected wirelessly to a large screen or projector, which could be applied in teaching students.



Findenser Clamp: designed by Sam Willstead

This was designed specifically to hold waterless condensers (findensers). Because of the large size of findensers, traditional clamps struggle to hold them. The 3D printed design conveniently slots directly over the top, and can be tightened quickly.




New PhD student

We welcome Ningjin Zhang to the group. Ningjin is a CSC funded PhD student jointly supervised by JAK and Prof. Simon Coles.  Ningjin will be working on high resolution crystallographic analysis of switchable supramolecular systems.